7 Ways To Deal With Mischievous Kids

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7 Ways To Deal With Mischievous Kids

All of us agree that kids appear to be innocent but in reality, are mischievous little elves. While we can't blame them as kids are meant to enjoy life (as do adults but responsibilities, eh!) and be naughty, it is the duty of the parents to ensure that their kids do not cross the line and not create a havoc. When it comes to having fun, it seems fine to let them be but when they run wild here are some things you can keep in mind:

1. Engage them in interesting learning activities: An empty mind is said to be devil's workshop. Same is the case with kids. If left unattended or not engaged in meaningful activities even when they are playing, they'll be up to some mischief. As kids they might not be aware of the extremity of their acts; therefore, it becomes the responsibility of the parents to take care of their child. Kids are inquisitive beings and the best way to engage them is to make them participate in activities that interest them. It not only helps in their mental growth but also inculcates moral values.

2. Rewards and 'punishments' for their actions: It is important to teach your child that every action has an effect (it's not just limited to science). When it comes to expressing your love, shower them with unconditional love and support, but when it comes to the growth and development of your child as a human being, parents must choose the unbiased path best suited for their kids. Reward them for their good deeds and let them know that their bad habits or actions can land them in trouble.

3. Never raise your voice and hand: If you thought shouting at your kid or raising your voice is the best way to punish them, it's time to think again. After a moment of scare, kids tend to return to square one. When they act mischievously, sit with them and tell them where they are wrong. Nothing works wonders than expressing what you feel and letting them speak their mind.

4. Communication is the key: Have you ever found yourself in a situation where you had to give in to the demands of your child because they were too difficult to handle, or they started throwing a tantrum? It's a pretty common sight, isn't it? One of the best ways to deal with these situations is to calm them down by engaging them in a meaningful conversation. Ask them why they need it; whether they willing to share them with their friends. Ask them for a good deed they did to earn the reward. Let them ponder over their request. Let them think and grow.

5. Be consistent: As parents we love our kids unconditionally but are at a loss when they start their tantrums or are up to some mischief. These situations compel us to dwindle between how we express our feelings to our kids. While we are extremely gentle when we shower love on them, we choose an extremely harsh way when we are angry (and quickly give in to their demands when we see their sad faces). The key to dealing with mischievous kids is consistency. If you've let the kids know that something they've done is wrong, maintain your stance.

6. Pay attention: When we ask parents to pay attention to their kids, we do not ask them to become helicopter parents, keeping track of their each and every movement. Give them space but keep a track of what they do. Be there for them. Attend to them, spend quality time with them, never let them feel alone and provide an environment where they can express themselves without fear. A safe and caring environment works wonders in the development of a child.

7. Set an example: Kids are curious beings. They love to explore and know more about things around them. They are impressionable. They learn a lot from their parents – whom they are the closest to. Therefore, be careful of how you behave in front of kids. Set an example. Your child's action, in a lot of cases, are a reflection of your action.


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