5 Tips You Must Keep In Mind While Traveling With Kids

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5 Tips You Must Keep In Mind While Traveling With Kids

Traveling with kids is like traveling with a herd of goats. They refuse to stay at one place and wander away to the best hideouts one can think of. This leaves you at a loss and you can't help but spend most of your time looking for them and keeping up with their tricks. Whether you are travelling with your kids or with others' kids, the story remains the same. The kids take up most of your time and attention during your travel time.

We trust you to know everything while traveling with kids, right from packing the right food items to their favorite toys that will keep them busy. But just in case, you've gone a little insane keeping up with the kids and are at a loss, here are 5 things you must do when you decide to travel with the little monsters. Oops! We meant angels. Read on!

1. Plan your trip in advance: Planning your holiday in advance is always advisable but when you have kids along, you need to to be extra careful. And cautious! Be it the place you choose to visit and stay or your travel tickets, thoroughly research (or carry out an investigation, if you want) so that no matter how the kids wish to spoil your day, you are ready with a Plan B. Plus, you would not want to hop from one hotel to another to look for right accommodation while you carry your hungry and tired children (that's the level when they start to create havoc).

2. Spare some time: When you have planned to travel with children, plan wisely and on time. Whether it means reaching the airport or hotel, or your plans of sightseeing, kids take their time to explore their surroundings. Consider the kids' time as well. Don't hop from place to place as per your convenience. Rather than being angry with them or going nuts, it is better to stay calm and drink water (this will take your mind off the kids for a moment as the urgent desire to pee would ensure that your kids get more time to enjoy their surroundings).

3. Keep it simple: Traveling light is always advisable. After all, how would you be able to enjoy if you'd be constantly dragging your luggage with you? Carrying less baggage with you is even more advisable when you are traveling with kids. The rule is: keep it simple and basic. Carry things that you need and do not overload yourself. After all, you already have kid(s) to take care of and we know you won't be in a mood to burden yourself any more.

4. Write notes for co-passengers in case you lose your kid: Don't laugh! Well, you can. You can, at times, be so occupied with work (or your kids can be too naughty) that you lose sight of them. In such extreme scenarios, to ensure their safety, write your details which includes your name, address and contact number, and pin the note on their dress. You can also tie it around their waist. If your child gets lost in the airport, others can easily contact you. On the other hand, if your child screams or creates a ruckus, it is advisable to leave a sweet message or friendly note for them for bearing with your child’s tantrums. It helps!

5. Give them camera: You may be reluctant to do so, but it is important to give your child freedom to explore her / his surroundings. Give them a camera and let them click things that they find interesting. Trust us, you'll find them funny and interesting when you'll see various things from a different perspective. The wheels of vehicles, blurry selfies or the road that the kids' have clicked will have a different meaning. Set them free and let them explore.

Note: If nothing works, there's no better way to keep your kids busy than to give them activity books that are fresh, whimsical and fun. Offshoot Books' Are We There Yet? series is ideal to hand over to kids while they wait for long hours at an airport or sit in a car.

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