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Shakespeare With a Twist

People, gather ‘round, for today we’re embarking on a time-travelling journey to the wondrous world of William Shakespeare! Yes, the one with the ruffled collar and the quill pen. But before you roll your eyes, let us assure you: Shakespeare is cooler than a cucumber in a freezer. So, put on your Elizabethan thinking cap, grab a goblet of something tasty and let’s dive into the marvellous mind of the Bard himself!

PS: The twist would come after you read and appreciate the Bard!


  1. The Original Wordsmith Extraordinaire

First things first, Shakespeare invented a whopping 1,700 words. Yes, you heard that right. One. Thousand. Seven. Hundred. That’s more than most of us will ever coin in a lifetime of quirky catchphrases and random shower thoughts. Imagine dropping “swagger” or “eyeball” into a conversation back in the 1600s and having everyone gape at you like you’re some sort of linguistic wizard. That’s Shakespeare for you, folks. He wasn’t just a writer; he was a word wizard, sprinkling his lexical fairy dust all over the English language.


  1. Drama? Oh, He Wrote the Book on It!

Reality TV? Soap operas? Meh. Shakespeare had it all covered centuries ago. Love triangles? Check. Star-crossed lovers? Double check. Ghosts, mistaken identities, sword fights, and epic betrayals? Triple, quadruple, quintuple check! From the blood-soaked tragedy of "Macbeth" to the comedic antics of "A Midsummer Night’s Dream," Shakespeare's plays are like the series that keep on giving. So, next time you binge-watch your favourite drama, give a nod to the Bard—he was serving up juicy plots long before it was cool.


  1. He’s Got Quotes for Every Occasion

Feeling poetic? Need to drop a truth bomb? Shakespeare’s got you covered. His works are a treasure trove of quotable gems. From the iconic “To be or not to be” (which, let’s face it, is the ultimate existential question) to the cheeky “All the world’s a stage, and all the men and women merely players,” Shakespeare has a line for every mood. Need to impress at a dinner party? Casually drop, “Brevity is the soul of wit,” and watch as people nod in sage agreement.


  1. Characters as Real as Your BFF

Shakespeare’s characters are like the coolest, most complex people you’ve ever met. They’re flawed, they’re funny, they’re fierce. Take Hamlet, the brooding prince with a flair for soliloquies. Or Lady Macbeth, the ambitious powerhouse who could probably outmanoeuvre any villain today. And let’s not forget the mischievous Puck from "A Midsummer Night’s Dream," who’s basically the embodiment of your playful, troublemaking best friend. Shakespeare didn’t just create characters; he breathed life into them, making them timeless and relatable.


  1. The Globe Theatre: The OG Pop-Up Venue

Imagine this: a raucous, open-air theatre where people from all walks of life gather to watch epic performances. The atmosphere is electric, the crowd is lively, and the stage is a hotspot for both high drama and hearty laughs. Welcome to The Globe Theatre, Shakespeare’s very own performance playground. 

So, next time you hear the name Shakespeare, don’t just think of dusty old books and Elizabethan English. Think of the wordsmith wizard, the master dramatist, and the timeless influencer.  But, can there be celebration of the Bard’s timelessness without a modern twist? Not quite possible at least for us! At Offshoot Books, we have given a modern twist to the OG word wizard of English literature. Introducing to you, the “Twist in the Tale” series comprising storybooks for adults. 

This series retells the timeless plays of the great English bard, William Shakespeare, with a humorous twist. Characters grapple with their fates, challenging the outcomes originally penned for them. This funny graphic novel series will captivate readers with amusing twists and turns, narrated by Shakespeare’s own heroes and villains. Alongside these entertaining stories, the series includes concise summaries of the original plays, a collection of Shakespearean insults (and a bit of praise), and plenty of inspiration to celebrate the literary genius of Shakespeare anew!

Source: Rogue Revelations/Offshoot Books


Rogue Revelations: 

"Shaken, Not Speared" is a pub where Shakespeare’s unapologetic villains gather to do what they do best—drink and grumble. This book offers readers a glimpse into the pub where notorious characters like Iago, Claudius, Shylock, Lady Macbeth, Goneril, and Regan convene to share their side of the story. What do they have to say? Is it as gory as expected, or something entirely different? Will readers continue to despise these characters, or will their perspectives shift? All this and more will be revealed within the pages of the book.


Source: Crooked Confessions/Offshoot Books


Crooked Confessions: 

The “Bar-me Barrel” is a pub where Shakespearean protagonists—both revered and respected—cross paths and unveil their true selves. Tired of the personas they've maintained to protect their titles, wealth, or lives, they gather to drink the dubious brews crafted by the bar owners, Touchstone and Puck. As they relax and converse, they reveal their authentic characters to the readers. With each turn of the page, readers will uncover the flaws in the heroes they've admired for so long.

Head to our official website and find the perfect collection of books to give you a refreshing escape into the world of stories, activities, pictures, art and craft and much more.

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