Say Hello to the Shakespearean Heroes

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Say Hello to the Shakespearean Heroes

We all have been touched by the timeless works of William Shakespeare. His plays resonate across generations, captivating audiences with their rich characters and universal themes. From star-crossed lovers to ambitious kings, Shakespeare's creations are remarkably lifelike. Their words and actions leave a lasting impact on our emotions.

At Offshoot Books’, we've embarked on a unique journey into the world of Shakespearean heroes. In our book, ‘Crooked Confessions’, we've gathered some of the Bard's widely loved characters and imagined what a gathering of these iconic figures would look like. 

Picture a party where characters like Hamlet, Macbeth, Juliet and others mingle, sharing candid confessions and shedding their carefully crafted personas. If this intrigues you, you will love visiting the Bar-me-Barrel in our “Crooked Confessions”. 

The Bar-me Barrel is a cosy pub where Shakespearean heroes gather to unwind and reveal their true selves. Owned by the mischievous Touchstone and Puck, this establishment serves questionable brews alongside revelations that challenge our perceptions of these revered heroes. As readers delve into our book, they'll uncover the flaws and vulnerabilities hidden beneath the surface of these legendary figures.

Source: Crooked Confessions/Offshoot Books

To give you a taste of what awaits within the pages of our book, we've curated this blog to introduce you to a few of these captivating characters. Join us as we journey into the hearts and minds of Shakespeare's most iconic creations. So sit back and explore the depths of these literary legends.



Meet Hamlet, the prince of Denmark. He is the hero of the play, ‘Hamlet’. Prince Hamlet embarks on a journey to avenge his father's murder at the hands of his uncle, Claudius. This pursuit of justice leads him to journey through a series of tragic events. Ultimately, Hamlet finds himself entangled in a fatal fight with Laertes, his beloved’s brother, and succumbs to a poisoned blade. Despite his demise, Hamlet manages to eliminate both his killer and Claudius, achieving his revenge before his own demise. Hamlet has been renowned as one of Shakespeare's most iconic characters. 



Meet Juliet, the luminous protagonist of Shakespeare's timeless tragedy, "Romeo and Juliet." At the tender age of thirteen, Juliet captivates readers with her remarkable maturity and unwavering passion. Born into the Capulet family, she defies societal expectations with her intelligence, wit and fierce independence. Despite her youth, Juliet navigates the complexities of love and duty with grace, embarking on a forbidden romance with her lover, Romeo. Coincidentally, Romeo comes from the Montague family which is in feud with the Capulets. Juliet’s enduring strength and unwavering devotion make her a symbol of youthful ardour and tragic sacrifice, cementing her place as one of literature's most iconic heroines.



Enter Othello, the enigmatic Moor and esteemed general of Venice, in Shakespeare's eponymous tragedy- Othello. Othello commands respect with his valour in the battlefield. He exhibits confidence and authority. Yet beneath his mask of confidence, lies a complex personality, torn between love and jealousy. Moreover, Othello grapples with issues of race, identity, and trust. His tragic flaw, manipulated by the villainous Iago, leads to his downfall, making him a haunting emblem of human frailty and the destructive power of unchecked emotions.


Julius Caesar

Julius Caesar, the renowned Roman general and statesman, stands as a towering figure in both history and literature. As depicted in William Shakespeare's play "Julius Caesar," he embodies a complex blend of charisma, ambition and vulnerability. Caesar's military triumphs have earned him adoration and respect, yet his growing power threatens the very foundations of the Roman Republic. Beneath his confident exterior lies a man torn between duty to his country and personal ambition, a tension that ultimately leads to his downfall. Shakespeare's portrayal of Caesar captures the essence of a flawed yet formidable leader whose fate shapes the course of history.

Now, you have gotten a heads up about a few celebrated Shakespearean protagonists. But, the Bar-me Barrel has more people who have also come out from Shakespeare’s tales. To know them and indulge in the crooked confessions of all these characters, you need to get your hands on “Crooked Confessions”. It’s going to be interesting, classic with a pinch of fun, we promise. 


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