Best Storybooks for Children: A Must-Read List

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Best Storybooks for Children: A Must-Read List

Reading stories is a wonderful activity for children as it keeps them happy and entertained while fostering their development. To help children enjoy reading even more, Offshoot Books offers a wide selection of captivating storybooks. Explore a few of them below to find the must-read list for young readers.

Twisted Fairy Tales:

Who doesn’t love fairy tales? These magical stories whisk us away on exciting adventures with fantastic creatures, teaching us valuable lessons about kindness and strength. Most importantly, they always have a happy ending. However, some fairy tales are quite old and contain outdated ideas. Offshoot Books’ “Twist in the Tale” series offers a fresh take on such fairy tales. With exciting new twists added to these familiar stories, both kids and grown-ups are sure to be captivated. Not only will children have fun reading these tales, but they will also gain a deeper understanding of the stories. Check out the titles in the series below:

    Fabulous Fables: 

    Fables are stories that teach us lessons. The most widely known fables are those written by Aesop. These tales feature animals representing humans in relatable, practical scenarios.

    Aesop’s fables, beyond their educational purpose, convey powerful messages about empowerment, honesty, righteousness, and more. Originally intended as teaching tools, Aesop's Fables have also become beloved children's entertainment, offering insights into the complexities of adult life.

    Given their enduring popularity, one might wonder what Aesop would say to today's world. Should we stick to the classic fables or give them a modern twist? Perhaps he'd update them for Generation Z. That's exactly what we've done. Offshoot Books’ retelling of these stories teaches essential values like friendship, honor, kindness and patience, all framed within the context of today's world. With vibrant art and engaging storytelling, these books are essential for every home and library.

    By bringing Aesop’s fables into the 21st century, these books teach kids life skills and moral values without sounding preachy- 

      Tales from India:

      The Panchatantra is a timeless collection of animal fables written in Sanskrit verse and prose, woven into a captivating narrative. Though its origins date back to around 200 BCE, many of the tales are believed to be much older, rooted in ancient oral traditions that have endured through the ages. Traditionally attributed to Vishnu Sharma, the Panchatantra remains a vital part of Indian cultural heritage.

      These beloved fables have been passed down through generations, often shared as bedtime stories by grandparents. They continue to resonate in everyday life, reflected in common references and expressions. What sets the Panchatantra apart is its ability to both entertain and impart moral lessons to children. The stories feature engaging characters and relatable scenarios, making learning fun and memorable.

      At Offshoot Books, we offer a selection of these classic tales, brought to life with fresh and unique art styles. The vivid colors and textures of our illustrations make each story a visual delight, perfect for collectors and young readers alike. As you turn each page, you'll gain a new perspective on India, journeying into the vibrant world of lions and jackals, mice and elephants, and other intriguing creatures, all depicted in striking brown and blue hues. Immerse yourself in the enchanting forests and wildlife of India while enjoying these timeless stories. Check out the books here- 

        Sail with a Tale:

        Sail with a Tale is a collection of short stories like, ‘Three Little Pigs’, ‘Sly Fox and Red Hen’,

        ‘Three Billy Goats’, ‘The Ugly Duckling’ and ‘Goldilocks and the Three Bears’. 

        These stories are accompanied with unique and fun illustrations. Children are sure to enjoy these stories and be encouraged to read and comprehend. Find the book here

        So, pick one from our recommendations and start reading.

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