7 Offshoot Books You Must Have If You Love Coloring

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7 Offshoot Books You Must Have If You Love Coloring

Gone are the days when the art of coloring was only meant for kids. Now, this activity has been adopted by adults as well. In a life filled with mundanity and stress, coloring has proved to be a stressbuster. It acts as an outlet for the pent-up frustration and in fact, creativity that wants to be unleashed. Even otherwise, who does not like coloring? If you're the one whose eyes start to twinkle at the sight of bright colors and hands start to twitch, ready to be smudged with them, you'll love Offshoot Books' collection. They're funny and informative, and as we say, “fresh”, “whimsical” and “sophisticated”. So, take your pick!

  1. Jazz-it-up!: Why just color? This book will help the readers jazz up their spare time with hours of absorbing fun being intrigued and informed by activities and information. You'll find yourself being awed by the Taj Mahal on one page and then jump to Paris for a rendezvous at the Eiffel Tower on the other. Filled with quizzes, mazes, doodling pages and a myriad activities, this book will challenge, entertain and stimulate your intellectual skills. Are you game?
  2. Pop-it-up!: For the ones who like the refreshing 'pop' in popular culture, 'Pop-it-up!' is the book for you. This fully interactive book of coloring pages and unbelievably engaging activities brings pop culture right into the living room. Get ready to be transported to the rich world of pop culture with this fun and relaxing find.
  3. Shop-o-holic: Love shopping? Then hop on to this ride - a gateway to the secret fantasy world of shop-a-holics, who would rather shop than color (but color you must)! 'Shop-o-holic' is a cheerful collection of all that a shopaholic would dream of (and afford – an area most of us suffer in!). Here, you no longer have to worry about money. Just pick your colors and add the choicest of hues to the ones you want to add to your shopping cart.
  4. Dream-o-holic: Do you occasionally find yourself dreaming – being transported to a fantasyland where you rule the world and fly with dragons? Or, a rendezvous with the Moon and the stars? If you've just dreamt about it, 'Dream-o-holic' will ensure that you turn it into a productive exercise. With detailed doodling pages that are scattered throughout the book, it is a haven for daydreamers.
  5. Dream Weavers: Wish to catch a good dream or two? 'Dream Weavers' offers you some intricately designed dream catchers that you've want to hang above your bed. In addition, you also to get to unearth the mysteries of our ancient origins as you read about them in the fascinating stories and pin them down with the colors of your thoughts. What more do you want?
  6. C'est la Vie: What do you do when you can't control something that happens in your life? Do you think about it and cry or just shrug it off? Well, if it can't be helped, isn't it better to choose the second option? So, next time, say “C'est la vie” and move on. For such little ups and downs in life, this is the book for you. So, let go of yourself and your inhibitions; revel in the joys of problem-solving and take hold of life at your own pace!
  7. Of Symbols and Mandalas: Symbols and patterns have intrigued man over the ages. The beautiful and intricate mandalas are an artist's interpretation of age-old designs and symbols. If this is your calling, 'Of Symbols and Mandalas' is the book for you. A collection of intricate masterpieces, the patterns are arranged in a sequence of a growing number of missing portions. A traditional meditation aid, they will help you create a moment of quiet by engaging the mind in a quest for the whole. So, what are you waiting for? Color away!

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