10 Offshoot Kids Books That Are Perfect For Your Kids

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10 Offshoot Kids Books That Are Perfect For Your Kids

What do you do when you want to gift something meaningful to your kids? Toys and candies seem fine at times but what about things that they can make best use of ? In scenarios when you are in a fix, there's nothing better than books, that not only help you engage your child in meaningful activities but also act as a source of enhancing their knowledge and creativity. If you're looking for some fun-filled activity books for your little ones, here are some from Offshoot Kids' collection that make for a perfect read. Try these!

1. Patty’s Little Handbook of Mazes : Join Patty the penguin in an adventure through the intricate and interesting mazes that are sure to engross children. Working their way through these incredible mazes, will help children acquire the ability to concentrate and hone their reasoning abilities. It is hard to put this one down once you start scanning through the pages of this colorful piece.

2. 50 Little Dots : Want to teach about numbers to your kids? What better way than a game of connect-the-dots? With this book, children play a ‘number game’ as they happily connect dots and see pictures emerge to match the given clues. This book does wonders to improve hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills.

3. My First 500 Words: This theme-based picture dictionary consists of over 500 words to initiate children into the wonderful world of words. Bright and colorful images provide engaging and motivating English practice for kids. The topics are thematically organized and encourage the little learners to learn words in context. It is a perfect start for the kids venturing into the world of words.

4. Popo loves Fantasyland. Do you?: Children, in all their innocence, are artists who have the power to create fantastic fantasylands. For such little ones, there's no better way to enhance their creativity than to gift a book dedicated to the theme! With this book, the children go on a journey with Popo, the baby elephant, to solve riddles, find their way through mazes, join dots, and come across fairies and vampires, witches and wizards. It will keep them busy as they discover a whole new world of fantasy and dreams!

5. Witty Activities with People and Places:  Did you know that Brazil is the home to world's biggest carnival? Or, that "Canada" in Iroquoian language means 'village'? If these lesser known facts interest you and you want your kids to learn and know about them too, then this book is the perfect one for them. Brimming with diverse cultures, people and cuisines, it is filled with amazing facts about strange animals, birds and plant life, in the form of interesting activities.

6. Knowrigami: Want to teach your kids the art of origami? Then Knowrigami is the ideal educational paper craft book for them. Covering a wide range of themes, from classic origami objects to the more unusual ones, this book is delightful in its own way. Along with step-by-step instructions, it has additional information, fun facts and activities for each project.

7. Go Seek – Vocabulary: Do your kids enjoy finding hidden objects? Something hidden under the bed or in the closet? Then Go Seek is the one for them. Children can sharpen their perception skills as they look for objects in the cleverly illustrated pictures. They will unknowingly learn while looking for objects and doing activities.

8. In the Air : Traveling is fun but keeping your kids occupied is not that easy. When the toddlers need something to break the monotomy of the journey, In The Air becomes a ‘must-pack’ along with your ticket and passport. This activity book packed with puzzles, activities, quizzes and games, provides hours of nonstop fun for children. This ensures that traveling becomes endless fun and the refrain, “Are we there yet?” will not be heard again.

9. Circled!: How will you complete an activity in a book when you have a large hole in the middle of the book? Well, Circled! provides this opportunity to think beyond and make use of the circle to create something new. Intrigued? Don't know what's in store? Why don't you see for yourself and see your kids have fun as they learn about facts and do activities at the same time.

10. Sports and Entertainment: What's better than getting two books in one? Yes, you heard that right. With Sports and Entertainment spin tales related to the world of sports on one side, then turn it around and make things spicy with some entertainment news. This book provides children a platform to create characters, craft storylines and convey their own unique ideas through their writing. It's perfect for those who enjoy writing.

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